This is How You Do a Surprise Proposal

February 27, 2017

Proposing is one big job and its going to be one of the best days that begins your happily ever after. You feeling the pressure? Don't sweat it.. I've got some tips on how to create a smooth operating surprise proposal that will definitely end with "YES!!" 




Start here:

Think about it. Not like "rethink" it, but THINK about it. WHO▪️WHAT▪️WHERE▪️WHEN▪️WHY▪️HOW


▪️ Who do you want to involve? Who do you need to talk to about it?

Are you a couple that really celebrates your family relationships or friendships? If so, maybe you want to include those special people in the proposal. Or maybe you have some special animal friends to include. Or maybe you just want it to be the two of you. 

Also, is your partner expecting you to get blessings from your future in-laws? Are you future in-laws expecting you to ask for their blessing? Old school, but thoughtful. This is a great time to really connect with your future in-laws and let them know how much you want to be a part of their family. 


▪️ What are the most special ways you could propose? 

Think of the special things you do as a couple. Think of special milestones in your relationship. Or sweet little details like your first date or your partner's favorite activity. The best proposals are always the most thoughtful. 


▪️ Where should you pop the question? Where do you go/what do you do together that is unique to your relationship?


▪️ When do you want to propose? Are there any special dates you should consider or should it be a random date?


▪️ Why do you want to marry your partner?

Obviously, you already know this, but having some good words and phrases will help you prepare your romantic, feet sweeping speech.


▪️ How do you want to do this?

A ring in a carved book, video montage, adopted puppies, written in the sand, dropping a ring on a green army solider from the air. Once you've collected all your W's, you can really decide on the HOW. Creating an ideal proposal starts with the most authentic how. 


Proposal video by Eyetography Film + Foto


Photographer or no photographer? That is the question.


Really, it is up to you. We all love to see a good proposal. There isn't one proposal video or photo session that doesn't bring me to tears. And those images are a great way to share this special moment with your family and friends! Pay attention: Has your future fiance mentioned how super cool those surprise engagement photos are? Are they following specific wedding photographers? Do your research and find a photographer whose style you like, and a photographer who has other engagement photos you like. 


Or maybe you're a total awkward dork or an ugly crier and aren't interested in photos. That's cool too.


My engagement was a combination of me yelping (Imagine a Chandler style surprised noise) and saying "Is this a joke?" and my dream on bended knee then standing up and then back down again, saying "I don't know what I'm supposed to do!" It was full of awkward and giggles and it was so perfect for our relationship, and I'm just as happy that he didn't hire a photographer. 


You do you and your partner will be so happy either way.


Still unsure of where to start, or need a little more help to pull off a grand proposal?

Give me a shout. We've got some special proposal coordination packages to help your perfect proposal!



Scroll through these adorable surprise proposal photos from our recent styled shoot with Forever Bride! Hailey was on set helping out for the shoot, when Hunter surprised her with a gorgeous ring and the most heartfelt speech. 

Photos from the fantastic Ivy Christina Photography

Still unsure of where to start, or need a little more help to pull off a grand proposal?

Give me a shout. We've got some special proposal coordination packages to help your perfect proposal!





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